Vivo audio  realizes the importance of  loudspeakers as a integral part of any  Hi-Fidelity sound system.In our design philosophy we believe that music should be enjoyed the way the artist,composer or musician intended it to be. Speakers shouldn't draw attention away from the music. They must be truthfull to the source and sonically disappear so all that remains is good music.

Our products are all hand assembled and tested. We don't believe in adding features to our speakers just to say they have them.Vivo loudspeakers are built with good sound principles and attention to the details important to deliver the music to the listener.

Good news: AV-Envy has been appointed as official reseller of ViVoAudio products in Gauteng and will have products to demo soon.

The Crystal Range gets an upgrade starting with Crystal 1A and the 2Ac.
1.A new tweeter (from the Vifa Stable) with a  lower resonant frequency improving the integration of the woofer and the Tweeter even more.
2. The use of a bigger PCB for the crossover to space air-core inductor even further apart.
3. All resistor are from Mundorf.

New products available for order:
The Crystal 2Ac centre channel is now available as well as a range of stands
Browse through the products page for more information.

Please Note: Listening Test\auditions now available in and around Cape Town as well as Gauteng

  • Vivo Crystal 1A (2-way Stand mount monitors)
  • Vivo Crystal 2A (MTM 2-way Floor standers)
  • Vivo Crystal 3A (MTM Open baffle 2-way to be paired with either the 1B, 2B or 3B
  • Vivo Crystal 1B (6.5" Woofer Dedicated Passive bass speaker)
  • Vivo Crystal 2B (8"Dual Woofer Dedicated Passive bass speaker)
  • Vivo Crystal 3B (10"Dual Woofer Dedicated Passive bass speaker)

  • Vivo Crystal 2AC (MTM 2-way Centre channel Speaker)
  • Vivo Crystal 1AS (2-way Wall mounted Surround Speaker)
  • Vivo 10SW (10" powered subwoofer)
  • Vivo 12SW (12" powered subwoofer)

These Home cinema speakers will also be available in to package deals:

  • Vivo Crystal cinema 10
  • Vivo Crystal cinema 12

  • Vivo Crystal 1A Stand
  • Vivo Crystal 2AC (centre channel) Stand  High
  • Vivo Crystal 2AC (centre channel) Stand  Low
  • Vivo AeRo speaker stands (for smaller lighter Speakers)

Further details on all these product are available on the products page.

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